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Curated journeys to an exploration of Norway´s great outdoors and the Norwegian way of living. Luxury the Norwegian way.


Once warehouses for local fisheries, Hotel Brosundet has many stories to tell. The old town of Ålesund is divided by a channel connecting two fjords and Hotel Brosundet lies in the middle, on the west side. Both buildings hail to the times all fishing trade happened in the center of town. You will be staying at an historical site – one of them listed – and experiencing the curious mix of the Norwegian sophisticated modern life and the charming quirks of a lost, simpler time.


Imagine a hotel literally made of the forest of Norway, and then shaped meticulously by our years of experience on the exquisite sophistication of luxury travel. It is a place to marvel at the uniqueness of Norway, facing the deep fjord, facing the steep mountains, rediscovering your own self. In Storfjord Hotel time slows down to wait for you.


Cradled between steep mountains, in sight of the quiet fjord, the Hotel is an island of comfort in a fairytale land of adventure. Within minutes of the front door, you’ll find hikes gentle enough to marvel at the details of nature and wild enough to make your adrenaline yell out loud.