The year was 1853, the place was the weather-beaten coastline of Western Norway. The newly trained industrialist Ole Andreas Devold returned home (Ålesund) from Germany full of optimism.


In 1853 Ole Andreas Devold embarked on his journey, and since then our wool has been formed in the roughest conditions. Relying on our dedication to craftmanship, we develop the finest quality from the most robust material. With profound care for nature, we create knitwear that lasts, that can be passed on – a legacy for times to come.


TOVA creates high quality wool slippers that keeps your feet warm and comfortable. By using the old felting technique, the products have unique insulating and breathable properties. All products are “Made in Mongolia” and the vision is to build society through providing good jobs and responsible production. Today, more than 60 families have their livelihoods as a result of this production.