Maria Lilly and Erika June at NHO Årskonferansen

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On Tuesday, January 9, Maria Lilly Flakk & Erika June Flakk will take the stage at NHOs Årskonferanse 2024, one of Norway’s foremost conferences, bringing together the brightest minds in business, politics, and academics to address the biggest challenges of our time.

Tune in to hear how the newest generation of the Flakk family is addressing sustainability, technology, leadership, and cooperation across the Group’s diverse portfolio, a collection of businesses that encompasses textiles, building components, real estate, hospitality, and cutting-edge green hydrogen. Under the ownership of Maria Lilly & Erika June, the Flakk Group continues to support its mission of offering products and services that improve people’s lives and contribute to a sustainable future.

NHO #årskonferansen takes place Tuesday, January 9, from 9:00 CET in Oslo Spektrum.

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